D. Martin Jenni - director, David K. Gompper - music director

Karen Bergquist - flute
Janis Brown - clarinet
Rachel Paulos - horn
Wonran Kim - violin
Joseph Rovine - cello
Michael Geary - percussion
Laura Koenig - flute
Peggy Marco - oboe
Michael Matzko - trombone
Grant Beckwith - violin
Gary Palmer - double bass
Robert Fuller - piano
Marla Feeney - clarinet
Dulane Aaberg - bassoon
Alex Ross - violin
Marit Hervig - viola
Pam Weest-Carrasco - harp
Richard Steinbach - piano
  assisting faculty  
Katherine Eberle - mezzo
Maurita Mead - clarinet
Donald Haines - violin Sven Hansell - harpsichord/organ
Mark Weiger - oboe
  guest artists  
Charles West - clarinet
Larry Wiley - pianist
John D. White - composer/pianist
Gary Verkade - organist
Robin Hough - oboe
Kathryn Lukas - flute


Eckert, Michael Movement for Five Instruments
Hervig, Richard Off Center
La Barbara, Joan Awakenings
Paredes, Robert* #16 (Speakers)/Fiesta

Gabel, Gerald una Bofetada Para la Luna Naciente
Jaffe, Stephen Four Songs with Ensemble
Shchedrin, Rodion Three Shepherds
White, John D.* Ugolio e Ruggieri

Hultqvist, Anders Music for James Van Allen: Final/Drift

Mobberley, James Caution to the Winds
Roberts, Jeremy Dale Winter Music
Vayo, David Poem for Fl, Cl, violin, cello, and piano

Burt, Warren Justice, Equality and Beatings V
Englert, Giuseppe Palaestra 64 pro Organo
Gaburo, Kenneth Antiphony X (Winded)
Verkade, Gary Assonance

Gompper, David Iso III, "Aulos"
Hidas, Frigyes Concerto
Reynolds, Verne Echo Variations
White, David Ashley L'isola di Si Michele - Nocturne for Ob & Pn
White, David Ashley Psalm 88
Winstead, William Variation Three (too)

Eckert, Michael Pentagram
Fuller, Robert Mosaic and In(ter)ferences
Ligeti, Gyorgy Chamber Concerto for 13 instrumentalists
Martino, Donald From the Other Side

Dempster, Kenneth W. Le Violoniste à la fenêtre
Eckert, Michael Pentagram
Ligeti, Gyorgy Chamber Concerto for 13 instrumentalists
Martino, Donald From the Other Side