David Gompper - director
Ching-chu Hu, research assistant

Kim Helton - flute
Christine Bellomy - clarinet
Marla Feeney - clarinet
Michael Flynt - trumpet
Amy Nadel - piano
Michael Geary - percussion
Edwin Hill - percussion
Poppy Crum - violin
Michelle Bennett - viola
Dean Bachus - cello
Paul Sharpe - double bass
Linda Pereksta - flute
Michele Mindt - clarinet
Dulane Aaberg - bassoon
Tom Nelson - trombone
David Eaton - organ
Tony Oliver - percussion
Lee Ferguson - percussion
Lisa Dondlinger - violin
Deborah Dakin - viola
Carey Bostian II - cello
Anthony Stoops - double bass
Eric Grahm - electronics
Marcia Fuller - flute
Michael Rowlett - clarinet
Alise Oliver - horn
D. Paul Pollard - trombone
Pam Weest-Carrasco - harp
James Romig - percussion
Nick Petrella - percussion
Shinobu Saito - violin
Eugene Dowdy - viola
Hsien-Liang Lien - cello
Kirk Corey - electronics
Mark Weiger - oboe
David Johansen - trombone
Katherine Eberle - mezzo
David Greenhoe - trumpet
Thomas Christensen - piano
Donald Haines - violin
David Gompper - piano
James Dixon - conductor
  guest performers  
  Elizabeth Morrow - cello
Larry Wiley - piano


Westlake, Nigel Omphalo Centric Lecture
Gompper, David Trio
Varèse, Edgard Intégrales
Fritts, Lawrence Metra
Ives, Charles A Set of Pieces for Theater or Chamber Orch.

Crumb, George Sonata for Solo Violoncello (1955)
Chave, George Three Reflections for Solo Violoncello (1993)
Baker, David Sonata for Cello and Piano (1978)
Jenni, D. Martin Romanza (1987)
Waschka II, Rodney Ravel Remembers Rascism (1991)

Schoenberg, Arnold Pierrot lunaire

Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference

4/6/95 CONCERT II    
Lefkowitz, David Miniature VI
Tenreiro, Alfonso Cancion de Luz
Eckardt, Jason flux
Jenni, D. Martin Per Elysios
Burt, Warren Recitative/Tracing
Kuehn, Mikel Between the Lynes
Zaimont, Judith Doubles
Taub, Bruce Lady MondegreenXs Dances

4/6/95 CONCERT III    
Decker, Pamela Nightsong and Ostinato Dances
Bermel, Derek Theme and Absurdities
Slice, John van der Solo for Trombone
Worley, Daniel Incarcerating Raven
Fennelly, Brian Brass Quintet

4/6/95 CONCERT IV    
Allemeier, John Radical Symmetry & Xakax
Royall, Geoffrey Sonnet 17
Cheng, Chee-Swen Vigilant
Hu, Ching-chu Faith
Kendrick, Ralph Duet
Graham, Eric Coffin
Maki, David Commerce
Williard, Steven Fuzzie

4/6/95 CONCERT V    
Hamilton, Bruce Kinetikos
Godfrey, Daniel Two Pieces in Chiaroscuro
Daugherty, Michael Dead Elvis
Phillips, Mark Shadow Dancing
Vali, Reza Persian Folksongs (set #10)

4/7/95 CONCERT VI    
Phan, P.Q. Banana Trumpet Games
Barry, David Duo
Wells, Thomas Into Darkness
Zaimont, Judith Parable: A Tale of Abram and Isaac
Schultz, Mark Dragons in the Sky
Verkade, Gary Heterophonies
Epstein, Paul Variations for Wind Quintet

4/7/95 CONCERT VII    
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Cantus Interruptus
Huang, Joan Yellow Land
Schwendinger, Laura Fable
Yim, Jay Alan Moments of Rising Mist
Syverud, Stephen Five Pieces for Chamber Orchestra

4/7/95 CONCERT VIII    
Luo, Jing Jing The Mosquito
Wilson, George Balch Cornices, Architraves, and Friezes
Gabel, Gerald Chansons dXEluard
Hoag, Charles With Mallets of Forethought
Twomey, Michael Impromtos
Zahler, Noel ReCollections
Vayo, David Border Crossing

Jones, Stephen Randall Hall Songs
Thomas, Augusta The Inventions of Summer (1995)
Brouwer, Margaret Tolling the Spirits
Gallagher, Jack The Persistence of Memory
Rands, Bernard Ceremonial

4/7/95 CONCERT X    
Blackburn, Philip P.P.S.
Nichols, Jeff The Light Fantastic
Johnston, Ben Sleep and Waking
Jones, David Manzanita Miss
Young, Charles Winter Echoes

4/8/95 CONCERT XI    
Smoot, Richard Tango and Dance
Hass, Jeffrey Fantasy
Frazin, Howard Dream Pedlary
Satterwhite, Marc Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious..
Corey, Kirk Three Vignettes
First, C.P. Black Sun
Chambers, Evan Deep Flowers
French, Tania Equinox

4/8/95 CONCERT XII    
Albright, William Flights of Fancy: Ballet for Organ
Fritts, Lawrence Tetraktys
Montague, Stephen Wild Nights
Lombardo, Robert Contrasti a due
Kilstofte, Mark LoveLost

4/8/95 CONCERT XIII    
Davids, Brent Michael Tunpao Nenangpe
Riley, Terry Good Medicine from Salome Dances for Peace
Carter, Elliott Fragment
Hardin, Louis Synchrony
Partch, Harry Barstow: Eight HitchhikersX Inscriptions...
Benshoof, Ken Song of Twenty Shadows
Adams, John John's Book of Alleged Dances