Season 50 Concert II

David Lang, composer
A chamber work from 1999 entitled sweet air by David Lang will be featured on this concert. Lang is being awarded a University of Iowa Alumni Fellow this fall, and his composition will be heard during his Creative Matters public lecture on Wednesday, September 16 at 7:30pm in Art Building West. Read more...

Regarding his work, sweet air, Lang writes:

"During a trip to the dentist my oldest son Isaac was given laughing gas. The dentist called it sweet air, a gentle name to take the fear out of having a cavity filled. It worked. My son experienced something—a drug—so comforting that it made him ignore all signs of unpleasantness. This seemed somehow musical to me. One of music's traditional roles has always been to soothe the uneasy. I must say I have never been that interested in exploring this role. It is much easier to comfort the listener than to show why the listener might need to be comforted. My piece ''sweet air'' tries to show a little bit of both. In ''sweet air,'' simple, gentle musical fragments float by, leaving a faint haze of dissonance in their wake."

Joshua Levine
Also featured is composer Joshua Levine who will be teaching music composition during the fall semester. The CNM Ensemble will be performing two of his works, Inflorescence IV for two flutes and Oneirograph from his Studies I-III.

Also included is a new work by David Gompper called Traceur, performed by graduate student Thiago Ancelmo de Souza on the clarinet and David at the piano. This is a slightly revised version that will be included in a CD featuring new American music for clarinet and piano, with Michael Norsworthy as the soloist and David Gompper at the piano.

Additionally, Professor of percussion Daniel Moore will conduct a work by Robert Moran entitled 32 Cryptograms for Derek Jarman, and Zachary Stanton will lead a well-known work by Hans Abrahamsen entitled Schnee.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 7:30pm-9:30pm (ended)


Riverside Recital Hall
Iowa City, IA 52246